Allergy Department


Donald A. Maschka, MD, FAAOABVENT ENT and Allergy Specialist Dr. Don Maschka

Dr. Maschka is a board certified Otolaryngologist and has completed a fellowship in the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. He received his doctorate of medicine from the University of Iowa in 1992 and completed his residency in 1997 at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. After residency he practiced in Iowa for 17 years and enjoyed a high-paced and varied otolaryngology practice. During this time he trained ENT residents as an Associate Professor for the University of Iowa and has also provided services for the Mayo Clinic Health System in Minnesota. In 2006 Dr. Maschka founded a successful allergy practice utilizing innovative allergy techniques. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors on hospital, clinic, and surgery center boards. He has won numerous awards and has been recognized for his dedication to patient care and service to the local community. He joined the staff of Boulder Valley Ears, Nose, and Throat in 2015. His special interests include general and pediatric otolaryngology, thyroid surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disorders of the head and neck.


Gara Gould, Allergy Technician Allergy Department Technician Gara Gould

Gara has over 4 years of experience treating allergy patients and has received extensive training and education in the science of allergy treatments. Gara is passionate about helping allergy patients find freedom from debilitating symptoms, and works closely with BVENT providers to ensure positive outcomes for allergy patients. When not diagnosing and treating allergy patients, she loves spending her off time outdoors hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, and camping.