Marshall Faulk Testimony

Here is what Marshall Faulk has to say about his experience:

After my NFL football career, when I wasn't working out every day of my life, my sinus problems started to magnify. Doing some kind of physical activity, I became short of breath. When I was at work broadcasting, I started having severe post nasal drip and started taking allergy medicine and using nasal pumps. I was trying to rinse my nose. I had a steam shower I was living in trying to get as much out as I could.

I was also watching the spicy things I ate because I felt that it was affecting my voice. I considered not having caffeine or stuff like that, trying not to affect my voice. I was trying just about anything, all kinds of homeopathic remedies and teas. I literally tried it all. I tried a hyperbaric chamber to see if I could get more oxygen by sleeping in one of those things. None of it worked.

It's crazy that it was such a simple procedure to get done, to fix something that I struggled with for a long time.

After the procedure, there was not a lot of recovery time, and when I think about how I feel now and how I'm capable of breathing, it was an easy decision. If I'd known about it earlier, it is probably something I would have gotten done a long time ago and not suffered through.

I tell others that Balloon Sinuplasty™ is a must!