Hearing Health

Did you know that hearing is a vital part of your wellbeing? Untreated hearing loss not only affects your communication with others, but it can also increase risk of falls, hospitalizations, and can negatively impact your brain and cognition. Routine hearing screening is now recommended for everyone over the age of 50.

Patients with hearing loss are:

  • 30-40% more likely to show a faster decline in cognitive abilities
  • 3-5x at greater risk of a fall
  • 60% more likely to have depression
  • More likely to suffer from Brain shrinkage- a reduction in gray matter

Let us help you learn how to keep your ears and hearing functioning optimally. Read more on our comprehensive Hearing Loss page.

Our team of audiologists can help you prevent further hearing loss by fitting you with custom hearing protection. Whether you are working on a construction site (or your office sounds like one!), or attending concerts, treat yourself to custom earplugs that you can comfortably wear for hours and insert with confidence. Read more on our Hearing Protection page.