Pediatric ENT

Here at Boulder Valley ENT all our specialists are board certified in Otolaryngology and are well-trained to treat a wide variety of pediatric ear, nose and throat concerns. We understand how important ENT health is to a child’s development not only physically but emotionally, mentally and socially. 

Chronic ear infections can hamper not only hearing but speech development and social interactions not to mention educational development and progression in school. Abnormally large tonsils can lead to frequent throat infections and missed school days while also contributing to sleeping problems and decreased performance in school. Untreated allergy and sinus issues can dramatically affect quality of life, sleeping patterns, overall health and enjoyment of life. 

Like you, we want your children to thrive in every way possible. We are here to help identify and treat any ENT condition that is getting in their way! 

Learn more about the common pediatric ENT conditions we treat here at Boulder Valley ENT: